Freeriding course in Bansko

This time to avoid long drive we’ve got plane tickets and flew to Sofia. I wish there was a good train connection. With Jedrek I spend one afternoon looking around and organizing our transport to Bansko. Sofia is not an exciting city, quite boring to be honest. On Sunday we took a bus to Bansko […]

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Skiing etc in Les Arcs

It was supposed to be an awesome freeriding week with friends in Les Arcs. Instead it was an awesome week with friends in Les Arcs with some skiing :-). The weather did not cooperate, first it was no fresh snow, really warm, raining… but we had a good time anyway. I spend a day with […]

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Iwona on skis again

I took Iwona for the first time skiing last season. It starts turning into a day per season tradition as this season we went once again. It was her second day on skis ever :-). We went to Bruni, it was fun. She’s making a good progres even though the weather was pretty bad.

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Skiing in Ecrins :D

Early winter Andreea asked whether Iā€™d like to go for a multi-day skittouring trip somewhere in the Alps. I was content with this idea as I did want to go out for some interesting skiing as well as I like Andreea a lot.  Day 1: We started from La Grave with with famous old cable […]

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Sechselauten weekend in Austria

There were a few different ideas on what to do over a Sechselauten weekend. Eventually we decided to drive to Austria. Andreea was a bit sick, and she stayed in Koala sleeping on Saturday while myself, Chicken and Tom went climbing in Burs. Wydra mentioned this area last year, recommending it, and I have to […]

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Kasia’s visit

We figured out that Kasia can visit me for a few days even without using that much of her vacation (basically just a day). The idea was that, as she is working from home most of the time anyways, she’d work from mine. It posed some challenges – e.g. I needed to borrow a monitor […]

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