Zuestoll and Ratikon

Aśka has this cheep flights since she works for Star Aliance, so we figured why not to go climbing for 3 days. We went first to Zuestoll. I wanted to climb “Chico Mendez” 7a+, but it will need to remain the goal for next year. We got to Zuestoll the same way I did with […]

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Lago di Naret bike ride

Weekend with relatively terrible weather. We wanted to go climbing but within 5h driving distance there was nothing reasonable weather wise. Well… there was this bike ride that I wanted to do for a long time. Lago di Naret. I knew it’s really pretty, I knew there is ~2k elevation gain, I knew it was […]

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This climb was on my list since I moved to Switzerland in September 2015 and was looking for stuff to climb in Autumn. It seemed to be highly recommended classic. Then after being in Ticino in Ponte Brolla region (with Vladimir), walls did not strike me as awesome climbing, so it got lower on priority […]

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A “week” in Chamonix

I agreed with Chmielciu to spend a week climbing in Chamonix over August. We settled dates – happy times. When it actually came to that dates I was really stoked to climb Freney, Maciek had no problems with that and we said we’ll start climbing on Tues when I get back from MB. Fortunately for […]

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Central Pillar of Freney !!!

This was one of my great climbing dreams for a long time ! Enough to say that I have been talking about doing it at least for three years now. Not even to say how long it was in the state “one day I may be able to climb it”. Leaving in Switzerland makes planning […]

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