Visiting Damian in Slovenia

A good friend from studies, once we graduated moved to Slovenia, got married over there and is still leaving in Ljubliana. Knowing I will be in Trieste I figured I should visit them, even though we have been barely in touch over those years. Damian was also enthusiastic so after two days in Osp I moved to Ljubliana. Damian “sport is unhealthy” started to hike quite a bit and is in a pretty good shape. 

On Saturday we woke up really early and drove to Triglavski National Park. It was quite good to talk about old times but also to see how we both changed and what is our current life thinking. The hike was really pretty with Autum colours. Strava. Photos.

Sunday was an Election Day and also a rest day. We went to the embassy, voted and then took a longish stroll over the city center with a good Burger and cake :-). Photos.

I actually wanted to get to Triglav and Monday had a pretty good forecast so I took off in the morning and went there again, this time from the valley with Triglav North Face. The idea was to do it fast. I succeeded on the way up doing 2k meters in 4:00:10 (Strava). The path was quite steep though and it was not really possible to run it down. The way down took me only 15min less. I have also forgotten to take cash, so was not able to buy any food in the hut :-/. The area is really nice and Triglav North Face looks quite inviting, I’m surely going to be back. Photos.

Tuesday was half rainy half foggy. We went to Kamnisko Sedlo. Autum colours played interesting patterns with clouds, it was rather cold, so we didn’t spend too much time looking on views from the pass. It was still more than 1k meters day. Strava . Photos.

I left Damian on Wednesday afternoon and drove towards Bohinj Lake. One can figure out that it’s way more touristy area as being hidden in the forest I still paid a 40EUR fine for parking over night (to be fair the fine was 80 EUR with 50% discount if you pay by cash). Well… life… 

I went to a hike to Triglav Lake Valley, but was visibly tired, so instead of running I just kept a nice pace (Strava) and listened to podcast about planning the training for winter, which I will start just after finishing this post. Photos.

On Friday I went back to Osp and in the evening picked up Meret for another few days of climbing.

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