First IFMGA [EEMGA] course

A tad of explanation for people who were not in the information loop. In the first half of 2019 I managed to pass all three entry exams for the IFMGA Guiding Course. First in January was ice-climbing and general winter mountaineering than in February skiing that consisted of both approach and skiing technique and finally in May a rock climbing exam, where one had to OS a 6b+ in climbing shoes and 5+ trad in mountain boots. 

After the skiing exam there was quite a big uncertainty of whether the course will start at all, because most of the people who had enough of proven experience in climbing failed skiing part. At the end only three people (out of 11-16 depends how one counts) passed all three exams. Myself, Kuba and Jedrek. Kuba was almost certain he is not able to do all the required routes in the season, but Jedrek was motivated. 

I knew that a course in Eastern European Mountain Guide Association (EEMGA) is starting as I was considering going to theirs exams. I didn’t since I was sure that the Polish course will start. Bummer. Fortunately Przemek (from Polish Association) wrote to Cosmin (responsible for the EEMGA course) and they agreed that they can admit me for the EEMGA course with Polish exams. Uff. I met with Cosmin in Chamonix over summer, it was a good talk and I was certain the decision was right. It also occurred that Jedrek indeed had done all necessary routes and was admitted as well to the same course. It made me really happy as it’s quite good to have a fellow citizen in that group. 

Ok. Now to the point. 

The schedule for courses is known in advance, first and only one this year was scheduled 03-10.10 in Trieste. It was about rock rescue and first aid. We went through basics like belay stations and basic knots (Munter hitch, Munter mule, bowline – double and Yosemite etc) and quickly went to some more interesting subjects of actually assisting clients but and rescue scenarios. Many different kinds of pullies and rappels. In the middle over the weekend we got crash course of first aid, with some real life scenarios but also a lot of theory. 

It’s quite interesting setup as the instructors are from different international associations, hence each has their own preferred way of working, they share them with enthusiasm and it’s good to get to know different techniques but it’s also a bit confusing with all the information in the short time. 

The students group is quiet international. 5 Bulgarians, 4 Romanians, 2 Hungarians, 2 Polish and a Czech. I’m the only woman. The group is good I think we got to know one another and are rather inclined to help each other and learn together. They are a fun bunch.

All in all I was really satisfied with those few days. Next – Avalanche and Theory Course in Balea, Romania in January.

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