Acclimatisation in Torino

I picked up Iza on Tuesday in the evening from Aosta (it was really at night, 30min after midnight). On Wednesday we made shopping packed and with the last cable car went to Torino. The idea was to stay there for three nights, and the lady in the hut even took a reservation, we didn’t […]

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Quick Lungern on rainy Sunday

I came back to Zurich from Chamonix on Saturday afternoon. Cough up with Iwona, Piotrek and Meret. Made laundry (thanks Meret !) and generally chilled. On Sunday we wanted to go climbing but the weather was 50:50… or more like 20:80 where rain was winning.  Lungern is this crag on the way to Meiringen (well […]

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Chamonix, Chamonix, Chamonix…

Even though the architecture of the city isn’t that awesome, even though it still have a lot of random tourists, even though it’s in a North-South instead of East-West facing valley I still love this place. I kinda just feel natural, welcomed, in a way “at home” there. Therefore even though there is so many […]

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Nuffenenpass again ;-)

We’d stay up longer in Salbit if we (me) were less dump. I reserved the hut for Wed-Fri but didn’t for the weekend, and not before long there was no available places. Well… life. We got down on Friday after climbing and moved to Nuffenen. Meret joined around midnight and we went climbing on Saturday. […]

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New chapter

The public post won’t have much details, but feel free to ping me via email or WhatsApp if you don’t know yet and want to know more. In short: I moved (but staying around Switzerland for now). The move was horrible, packing and going through all the crap acquired through out the years is such […]

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