Climbing in Burs

Wednesday was reserved for flying as well, but due to foehn it was impossible, hence I looked for a partner in a climbing group and DeLong was up for a day out. In the evening I talked with Madzia, and since they were also going to Burs we decided to drive over there. Climbing there […]

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High flights – day 2

There is going to be a lot of them for me to complete the necessary 50 flights to be able to even attempt the exam for the licence, but for now I’m still hugely enjoying it. Today, exactly a week after the first high flights we went to Rotenfluh, where Flo had an exam for […]

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Canyoning – not my sport ;-)

I had a suspicion that I won’t fall in love with Canyoning, although having seen all the awesome photos, I wanted to try. Hence when an email from my mountaineering club came that a group of people is organising an intro in Slovenia or in Italy, my answer was almost immediately “yes, if only it’s […]

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