Move + Hannibalturm defeat and success

After a week of constant packing… ok maybe not constant as I managed to eat dinner with Nick, get to the lake for Andreea’s b-day and for climbing “after work” with Meret in Plattenwand. Still the packing was pretty terrible, we accumulate so many things that are not really necessary. I got rid of most of the furniture, the first one being a tall cupboard that made me realise that getting stuff from the apartment is not going to be easy.  Tomek came and helped a lot. We called it “szafa” operation

I have had a few categories probably like five, initially unconscious but when I realised them it started to flow a bit better. Anyhow I kinda managed. Iwona came to help me with cleaning on Saturday, Meret also joined in the afternoon (HUGE THANK YOU to BOTH!), last 3-6 boxes needed sorting on Monday, we had to patch a wall that got some mold under two KW Krakow calendars… , but the operation was overall a success.

I really wanted to finish on Saturday so that I can go climbing on Sunday. After dropping a few “to be sorted” boxes at Meret’s and another few things with Iwona in Urdorf we drove with Meret towards Furkapass discussing what we actually want to climb. It was already quite late and we decided to get something with a short approach but still interesting climbing, so easy choice was Hannibalturm. Last year I’ve done the classic – Hanimoon, so this time I suggested going to Elefantenrussel (6b+). 

There is tons of snow on the approach, even places where normally you camp near Furkablick are covered with snow, for Hannibalturm it actually makes the approach a bit easier (not that it was hard anyway). We got there with no problems started climbing, but we got defeated by the supposedly  6b+ pitch. I either have to greatly improve my  thin laybacking skills and strength or there was something else wrong. Meret managed to do half a move more on a slab, but it looked more of a 7a+ than 6b+, and the laybacking crack felt doable but not at this grade… not sure. 

So we bailed :D, I didn’t want to pull that pitch on gear even though this was indeed possible. We rapped and did Conquest of paradise instead (5c+). It’s yet another classic, really pretty rock formations with quartz inserts. The bench on the top does not disappoint, quick rappels and on the way home. 

Great day out ! Photos

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