Val di Zocca

Val di Zocca was on my list since 2011 when Aska and Bartek were talking about Inshallach – a route there. It took years to get to that valley, though the route still needs to wait.

Since we didn’t want to do the same walk with Iza again (towards Polimagio, close to Luna Nascente where we were the day earlier), we decided to get food and gear and go to Val di Zocca. The walk takes 3h30min-5h. We took it easy and it took us I think 4h30min. The refuge was still closed… it was opening for the weekend but on Wed it had no signs of it. We’ve stayed in winterraum, which on one hand has a light powered by sun, and on the other doesn’t even have a basic cutlery, but generally is really nice. Thursday was supposed to have storms and rain in the early afternoon, chance the plan was only to do an easy climb and walk down.

We decided to climb Top Ten (340m, 6a+), it started with a horrible slab on which I bailed and Iza took over and cleaned it. Another 6a+ pitch was going through a few boulges also on the slab, I recollected myself and was able to did it clean. The rest of the route was uneventful, nice climbing… well it hailed a bit two pitches before the top, but only for a minute or so, so we continued climbing.

It didn’t take long for us to finish and rappel, once we got out of the route and out to change it started to rain, well… pouring rain. Hence with the large amount of snow still powering the streams and additional rain the crux of the day was actually to cross the stream on the way back. We made it, wet but safe to the car, a day later we climbed a bit in a local crag and drove back to Zurich.

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