Oceano Irrationale

Iza was to come for a week of climbing using a sweet deal cheap flights from Wrocław. We agreed we’re decide on the destination based on the weather, there were a few ideas but at the end we decided to go to Val di Mello, where I have been long time ago. 

I had Oceano Irrationale, a classic of the region on my list for a long time. It was always too far to drive. Now, for a week of climbing this suddenly started to make more sense. Iza flew in around 9pm on Friday, so we spent lazy evening gossiping. We packed only on Saturday morning and started driving. Stopped in Lecco for a few routes in a really nice crag. In the evening we reached the destination cooked dinner and went to sleep with an idea of climbing Oceano Irrationale the next day. I knew the approach is going to take us longer than the guidebook says, but we missed the wooden bridge that was described in the section about the approach (in fact it was a stone bridge with wooden barriers) and walked to the next one (which was properly wooden), but that made us lost “a bit”. Therefore the approach instead of 1-2h took us 3h20min. Climbing was OK, we were not too fast but not too slow either and we made it in around 6h40min.  Given there is around 7 pitches of not too easy climbing and another 5 easy, it’s not too bad. Did I mentioned we started climbing at 12.40? 😀 With that and some fuckups during rappels, and then walkoff after sunset we got to the car around midnight :D. 

The following day was a rest day, good food, chilling, Iza got to sleep in a hammock. Life is good !

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