Another day of high flights

After getting around 13 flight I figured it would be good to start feeling the air and asked Tom what kind of vario I should buy. He said I should wait and use one of his… so that I can figure out what kind of flying I want to do first. So he got me one, a piece of paragliding history, a vario from 1993. It works and makes happy and sad noises, which is all that matters for me at this point. 

We were flying in Seealpenboden on Thursday and I was able to use it. Two flights were quite good. Than we went to Rigi and flew from there. The launch spot is a bit scary as it’s a steep slope, but I managed to take off on a second go. Still learning new things, today I learned sideways partial collapse. In theory you know that glider can fly under quite a bit of collapse, in practice it feels really scary to try it, but it’s really good as at the end it’s not scary at all and you can control the glider etc. 

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