Paragliding… start

It took me 3.5years to actually start the paragliding course. The problem was always time. Do I really wanna spend all the nice and sunny weekend days learning to fly instead of going climbing ? Well the answer was always “no, not really”. Now, having a bit more time I decided to pull the trigger […]

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A bit of culture – Zalipie

I spent Monday afternoon visiting Tarnow. Kasia took me biking and for a short session on the bowling alley where she kicked my arse. Though by now after playing a few times (like three) with my left hand I think I suck the same with both, which is I think quite an achievement, well… I […]

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24h of climbing – MAS Ultra

The week in Kraków was rainy. All the plans of going to the rocks and finishing old projects failed. Well, I am not that strong yet anyway :-). I managed to catch up with some friends, went to Zakopane for a day and a party also spending a few hours on Jaroniec.  On Wed Iza […]

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Jelenia Góra

With much more time, I’m starting to get a bit more relaxed. On 7.05 there was supposed to be the last part of the entry exams for THE project, which now I can tell is becoming and IFMGA certified mountain guide. This was a rock climbing part. One had to OS 5c in mountaineering boots […]

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