Sechselauten weekend in Austria

There were a few different ideas on what to do over a Sechselauten weekend. Eventually we decided to drive to Austria. Andreea was a bit sick, and she stayed in Koala sleeping on Saturday while myself, Chicken and Tom went climbing in Burs. Wydra mentioned this area last year, recommending it, and I have to say that it’s definitelly worth it, I will be there more often. 

Then we drove to Ischgl had a really nice dinner and went to sleep a bit too late. 

With some mess-ups we ended up going to the Jamtalhutte via a long and horribly boring and flat valley. The hut was good, skiing on Sunday was pretty good as well, just Monday got a horrible fog and in addition a snowfall, so we ended up doing some minor peak and skated most of the way down as the snow had not enough glide to carry us. 

I am privileged that I have so good friends, otherwise this trip would be a disaster, and with them it was really good ! 


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