Hawaii ! :D

Second time this year in California, this time I came with the entire team, we have had a working session with the team in Sunnyvale (formerly Mountain View). Jet lag hit me hard this time. I was struggling a lot and the worst day was Wednesday, interestingly this was also the second day of a “Crucial Conversations” course that we did all together. By the end of the day I was barely able to construct a sentence, not to mention having a crucial conversations. Nevertheless the course was pretty good. There is a book of the same title, I have not read it yet but I’d highly recommend it :-).

When all of that was over I took two days off after the weekend and went to Hawaii. I figured I have never been there even though I have been flying to the US for many years now. Obviously as many things in my life, the decision was great that just the timing was not. I wanted to see the famous lava flows on the Big Island, there is plenty of information about it in the Internet, the only problem is that when you did deeper (which I did not do before I got tickets), the lava flows stopped in September 2018 after a major crater collapsed in May 2018. Well… I’ll have to go there again. It was awesome regardless. 

I flew in on Saturday, got to the Big Island about midday. I rented a car for faster transport. First day I stopped on a beach south from Kona, later I drove further south and made a hike to the “green beach”. No kidding the sand is really green. Got there early enough to get a nice swim in the see stil with the sun shining. A nice hike back got me back to the car after a short ride I stopped to enjoy sunset. Then figured out some motel to crash for the night. Strava.

Sunday was a Volcanic National Park day. Even if there was no active lava flow, the park was really attractive. Plus it was yet another of US National Parks to add to my list. I drove first to the ocean, the idea was to see sunrise… clouds did not want to cooperate. The lava cliffs on the shore are pretty impressive, also different forms are quite interesting. Then I drove back towards park entrance, via craters road. Different sites along it are pretty impressive. There are pieces of old road sticking out from lava, there is a historical site with “hieroglyphics” from early inhabitants of the island. Finally quite a few craters. I took a walk near one site, and I basically feel in love with the place. I think I had been or I will be a geologist in one of the lives.

One more site for Sunday was a nice, large waterfall. 

On Monday I went to visit north side and two quite famous valleys Waipio and Pollolu. The first had a river to cross… it was not as scary as the rivers in India (wink, wink to Iza), but I did not like it at all… fortunately the view on the other side proved it was worth it (Strava). The second valley was also quite impressive as I hiked out on a path to the subsequent valley to a really nice view point (Strava).

Tues was dedicated to swim with dolphins. While the attraction is quite overpriced, it’s definitelly worth it. We met a pod of dolphins that was probably around of a size of 10-15. Being a decent swimmer I was able to follow them a few times. One can get quite close. I had mixed feelings as to how happy / annoyed are the animals with people. Eventually I decided that it’s bad but not as bad. They can go to play in the areas that are restricted and have no humans, yet, they still come to this place. After swimming with Dolphins we went towards open see and saw a shark, followed with snorkeling in Cook Bay.

I had a plane in the evening so red eye to SF, spent a day working and then went back to Zurich. 

Way to many photos.

Still in Hawaii I started this experiment of trying to eat in destination timezone, which effectively meant not eating dinners. Than on Wed in Sunnyvale I did not eat anything after breakfast, and on the plane I ate only after I woke up. That worked like a charm in overcoming jet-lag on the way home. 

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