Meet Koala !

It finally happened – I bought a van, he’s called Koala. First weekend out we drove to Ticino with Kasia, but decided to go back home as the weather wasn’t cooperating. The second weekend was supposed to be a skiing weekend, but guess what ? Weather didn’t cooperate and that time, the avalanche danger was too big to go touring.

Instead we packed bikes and paragliders and headed towards Zugerberg. I went with Tom for a short ride on Saturday (Strava) on Raten and than he started teaching me a bit of ground handling, while the rest joined (Jamaika, Precel, Edo, Chicken, Twoleg and Shannon) and they all went flying and I enjoyed my book. In the evening we made a fire and BBQ, enjoyed ourselves and went to sleep in three vans :D.

On Sunday another ride, a bit longer this time (Strava) – a loop through Ibergeregg around Mythen starting in Sattel. Than just went home.

Pretty good weekend. Photos.

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