Biking and cooking (semi f*ck up)

This post will be boring, you may just skip it ;-).

After skiing on Saturday there came lazy Sunday… I went for a first bike ride of the season, my knee hurt so it was a short one, got to Hohi that still had a bit of snow and enjoyed beautiful views on Eiger and friends far away. Strava.

Cooking feel increasingly more and more fun. I saw this new receipt from Jadlonomia, a Taiwanese Tomato Broth (in polish only – sorry). While cooking it I was in a heat of adding spices etc, while the receipt called for strong black tea…, half a glass… “do I have any black tea? ” I asked myself. Well… there is some… but not half a glass, I mixed it with old Indian Chai. Well… only after about a minute after mixing it up in a soup I realized that it should have been TEA not TEA LEAVES. It took a bit of effort to strain the soup and it’s ingredients from tealeaves but it was definitelly worth it. It came out marvelous.

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