Skitouring train fuckup

Actually two fuck ups…

One: by 12th January I still did not manage to change tires (wheels) for the winter version –> we needed either to rent a car or go by train.

Two: so we went by train. The idea was awesome, basically get to Altdorf take a ski lift and then do a tour that I did before, but I was happy to do it again as it was really good. Tom bailed on us, I met Squirrel and Chicken on the train to Zug, where we were to change to the train on platform 2 direction Lugano at 10.05 jump out in Altdorf and continue… so far so good. There was only a few minutes to get the connection, when we arrived at the platform, it crossed my mind that the displayed train is at 10:00, but it was also 3min late… hmm… well but it was going to Lugano or so. We happily boarded the train. When the lady came to check tickets we learned that that train does not stop in Altdorf and last stop before the Gotthard Base tunel was Arth-Goldau and we already were past it… … …. The lady was really apologetic, they apparently added a few trains due to more demand on that day. It can happen only in Switzerland that there are two trains going the same direction from the same platform 5min apart.

We did a bit of brainstorming on what to do, but ended up eating great pizza in Bellinzona. I am really grateful to Chicken and Squirrel for the attitude though. We had a lot of laughs and nevertheless good time.

We ended up the day with some board games.

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