New Years in Graubunden

Maike had this wonderful idea to spend New Years in a hut and go skitouring. We went to Jenatsch hutte. The hut is pretty good as aside from wonderful warden it also has a sauna, so the crew was delighted :-), I skipped on the first day as I’m not a fan of sauna… and … well read on.

The approach was OK, until it stopped being OK. We started with Wessel and Maike and had wonderful walk up till the pass. The pass was really windy, we should have changed before crossing it. But we didn’t… I got really cold, Wessel had problems with his bindings – generally disaster, though after we got lower it got better. Strava.

Additionally sometime during the descent from the pass I lost my cellphone. I think it fell out of my pocket that I did not close when fighting with wind. Well… it’s good to be in a place in life where it is sad but does not really create too much problems.

The New Years celebration was fun. Even though initially I was claiming we should call midnight at 10pm, we stayed till proper midnight shouted and got a round of hugs and best wishes.

Then we wanted to get two more days of touring (and I wanted to get my sauna in the mountains session). The following morning warden informed us that there is a weather disaster coming and we can go down that day or stay at least another two nights. Hence after spending breakfast looking on the map we decided to split the group and execute a few tracks back to civilization. A few of us went through Piz Surgonda, a small group through the approach pass and 5 of us (Ilona, Maike, Andreea, Jaromir and Tom) went to Pitz d’Err and went all the way down to the village Sur (Strava). The choice of a tour was really good. We had an awesome fresh snow on the way down where we basically set first tracks.

It was really nice that our friends brought down cars and we all met for late lunch in Sur.

Awesome New Years with awesome group of awesome friends :D. Thanks All !


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