Cogne ice climbing

Rafał is by far my strongest climbing partner, good that he’s also great to hang out with, otherwise it would be really painful ;-). We wanted to go ice-climbing, at the same time we didn’t want to spend too much time researching conditions, hence we went for an easy option and drove to Cogne. Getting […]

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Wednesday free-riding

It was snowing the entire weekend, and on Monday, Tuesday was better but from the forecast it looked like the light will be flat, also avi level was quite high after the snowfall. With Wednesday sunny forecast it was obvious it’s gonna be a good powder day. I proposed to Tom to get half a […]

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Skitouring train fuckup

Actually two fuck ups… One: by 12th January I still did not manage to change tires (wheels) for the winter version –> we needed either to rent a car or go by train. Two: so we went by train. The idea was awesome, basically get to Altdorf take a ski lift and then do a […]

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Poland again…

I have this project – if you know me well enough most probably you know what I’m talking about, if not, I’ll brag when it becomes a bit more real. The project has it’s entry barrier. I managed to cross first of three parts. The message is quite cryptic I know, but for now let […]

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Quick ice climbing in Pontresina

My guiding exams were approaching quickly (8-9.01), the first part was to be “ice and mixed climbing and glacier travel”. I figured I have not really been climbing much in winter since I moved to Switzerland, hence I needed to practice. Luigi and Mark were going to Pontresina to do some easy climb and were […]

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New Years in Graubunden

Maike had this wonderful idea to spend New Years in a hut and go skitouring. We went to Jenatsch hutte. The hut is pretty good as aside from wonderful warden it also has a sauna, so the crew was delighted :-), I skipped on the first day as I’m not a fan of sauna… and […]

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