Tel Aviv for work and relax

I do an annual trip to Tel Aviv as we have a large group of people who we collaborate with there. Those are really good people I enjoy those trips a lot.

In the cab from the airport I learned that there is an impressionists / modernists exhibition from the museum of Philadelphia in Tel Aviv museum, that was a plan for Friday. On Friday evening (night), my best friend Joanna joined me flying in from London.

Maciek, a friend from Krakow was also coincidentally visiting the company he is working with so we spend two evenings together.

On Saturday we got a late lazy breakfast, walked all the way to Jaffa along the beach, it was raining a bit, but not horribly. Generally time was passing by on catching up, gossips and deep thoughtful conversations. On Sunday we went to Jerusalem and I had finally visited the Temple Mountain, that I missed two last times.

Apart from that nothing really exciting, at the same time an AWESOME time with a great friend. I’m really privileged I have all of you guys !



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