Klausen pass with Wydra

… cause one of my friends from Krakow can call it “lemme spend weekend climbing in Switzerland with Ilona”.

Wydra is working in some arrangement with Star Alliance, hence she gets cheep last minute tickets. It’s pretty cool. Basically on Thuesday we decided weather forecast is good and we can go climbing, on Friday Aska landed in Zurich. Saturday morning we drove to Klausen pass, wanted to climb Herbstwind (6c+) but bailed quite quickly and instead we’ve done Chryz und Quer (6b+), which felt much easier :-). Climbing on sunny wall with views on valleys that were covered with clouds made us both smiling. Instead of going directly back home we ate after coming back to the car and played Scrabble, which I totally suck at ;-).

Aska wanted to vote in Polish local elections on Sunday, hence she took the plane at 5pm. That gave us some time to explore Swiss Jura.

Good weekend. Thanks Asia !



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