Zuestoll and Ratikon

Aśka has this cheep flights since she works for Star Aliance, so we figured why not to go climbing for 3 days.

We went first to Zuestoll. I wanted to climb “Chico Mendez” 7a+, but it will need to remain the goal for next year. We got to Zuestoll the same way I did with Arne in spring. I started the first pitch – quite airy, not easy 6b… and bailed… than Asia run through it (maybe not literally run, but she made it confidently and clean). At the same time the entire operation of first pitch took us quite some time. I did not feel in place with my mental, and she was not keen to lead all the hard pitches, hence we said we’ll return in spring, while that day we decided to do Neue Sud.

I did Alte Sud with Arne in spring, Neue Sud was a bit more sustained option but with better protection and I think easier moves. We did that. I have obviously did one pitch on a side of the route that was the most scary one on the wall, but generally we spend a good day.


Got down, ate a bit and set up on the way to Ratikon. The journey proved to be the adventure of the weekend. I learned not to trust Google maps. First it lead us through a dirt road that ended… in the river. Than it lead us on a muddy road that… well I don’t know cause fortunately we backed off. We spend the night at the side of the road, and in the morning while we eventually arrived we decided to take it easy and spend day looking at the walls and reading – pretty good day.

Photos from Monday.

The following Monday was the worst day of my life so far. I got a message from Jarek to call him as soon as I wake up. So I did.

I learned that Masha had a fatal accident on the way down from their climb in Bockmattli. Jarek at that point did not work out what went wrong. I said that we can talk about it later and it didn’t matter at that time. I could have gone back to Zurich and cry my eyes out there or do the same in beautiful place. I choose the latter. Asia was hugely supportive, that is kinda obvious nevertheless I am greatly thankful to that.

I spend first few hours of the day trying to find out the phone number to Masha’s manager, and the rest intermediately on the phone with Jarek or Virginia, later with Tadek.

We attempted the planned climb, Kamala 7a, but managed only first pitch. No doubt we were not in mental shape to do it. Instead we climbed Little Joe 6b+, a really nice little climb that was not totally straightforward.

Wydra drove most of the way home.

The next day I wrote to all my friends and Masha’s acquaintance, about what had happened, and in the evening with handful of close people tried to empty my alcohol cupboard at home. I received tons of support from everyone.

It’s awesome to had all of YOU my friends. Thank you!


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