Lago di Naret bike ride

Weekend with relatively terrible weather. We wanted to go climbing but within 5h driving distance there was nothing reasonable weather wise. Well… there was this bike ride that I wanted to do for a long time.

Lago di Naret.

I knew it’s really pretty, I knew there is ~2k elevation gain, I knew it was ~64km one way. I just didn’t know that first 32km has only 200m elevation gain.

A week and a half after descending from Mont Blanc, where my knew was suffering as hell, we decided to use different muscles and go for a bike ride. We boarded the train to Locarno not too early, started cycling probably around 10am. Having a good horse in front of me was quite enjoyable as we were smoothly going to Cevio. First 30km, with slight inclination took us around an hour. Then it was only downhill (I mean uphill, but physically downhill ;-)).

The area is really nice, some kilometers are really steep. I guess I paid the praise for not cycling that much this year, I was slow and tired. Anyhow the views were awesome.

When we got to the top my knee started to hurt, very differently then on Mont Blanc, but still quite a lot. Fortunatelly first 30km was pure downhill… actually not really, there were a kilometer or two on a side of the lake, where I decided to try to take a bus from Cevio. The bus driver said I cannot take my bike on a bus (even though I told him I’m injured). Thanks to Tom I was able to get back to Ponte Brolla where we caught the train. By the time we got there it was already raining, hence we were really happy we left a spare change of cloths in the Locarno train station.

A good pizza and beer on the train back home !

Awesome ride!
Thanks Tom for saving me.

Photos.   Strava.


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