The entire week went like … dunno… horrible… fighting with myself… fighting with anger on the world, helplessness, sadness, grief… I wanted to go to Bockmattli, just hike and possibly reverse the descent route from Grosse Turm. I knew that all the paperwork will take some time and that I most probably won’t be able […]

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Zuestoll and Ratikon

Aśka has this cheep flights since she works for Star Aliance, so we figured why not to go climbing for 3 days. We went first to Zuestoll. I wanted to climb “Chico Mendez” 7a+, but it will need to remain the goal for next year. We got to Zuestoll the same way I did with […]

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Lago di Naret bike ride

Weekend with relatively terrible weather. We wanted to go climbing but within 5h driving distance there was nothing reasonable weather wise. Well… there was this bike ride that I wanted to do for a long time. Lago di Naret. I knew it’s really pretty, I knew there is ~2k elevation gain, I knew it was […]

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