Metal Hurlant for real

Since as mentioned in previous (in Polish) post, friends from Poland were visiting, I settled to climb with one of them on Wed.

We wanted to to Conquest on Graue Wand, but as always with this set of people plans need to change at least dozen of times we eventually settled on doing something interesting (read: harder) on Eldorado. I joined the crew on Tuesday after work in Innertkirchen, where Asia and Bartek drove from my place earlier that day.

Wydra was definitelly way to scared about the idea of climbing with me, am I really that scary ? Without too much rush we got to the base and spend ~45min debating whether we wanna try harder Hinriss (6c) or easier Metal Hurlant (6b+), that we didn’t finish the weekend before. Since it was raining the night before Hinriss showed some signs of wetness, hence we decided to be weak and do Metal Hurlant.

It was an awesome climb. I asked Aska to do the crux chimney/crack pitch (since I did it a few days before), she did well. The following two slab pitches were not easy but not super hard, definitelly not doable with Piotrek’s broken shoes.

By the end of the day we were quite happy and tired. Definitely a route worth recommending!



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