Mom visit ! :D

Finally my Mommy got convinced to visit me in Zurich. Made me really happy.

First day we went to Lucerne, followed with a hike to Burgenstock – a really nice walk with a view towards the lake, the path goes on a pretty impressive cliff, at some point you can shorten your way to the summit by taking… a lift ! We went around on foot. Afterwards we drove to Aareschlucht – this was my first time in this beautiful canyon, it’s definitelly worth to take visitors there. We went back to Zurich via Sustenpass – really scenic drive.

And we also made my favorite dumplings with blueberries (actually with bilberries)

Second day we got towards Pizol. Got the cable car up and went the start of the 5-lakes hike, got to see the first two lakes but decided to go back instead. I was really proud of my Mom as she was not much slower on the approach then other people and you can really see that he was walking in the mountains when she was young, her confidence was definitelly bigger then the average on the patch.

We spend Monday, first taking a long walk around Zurich, also visiting the office and then going to Wildniss park. Unfortunately it was pretty hot , and we did not see many animals.

It was a pretty awesome few days. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom.


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