LoFUNten !

The idea to go to Norway came from Aska and Bartek who were there two years ago and were absolutely delighted, in addition Iza and Rafał shared that feeling. Finding a partner was not easy, since (a) I’m picky when it comes for longer vacations 🙂 (b) Norway is not necessarily the cheapest vacation spot. […]

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Metal Hurlant for real

Since as mentioned in previous (in Polish) post, friends from Poland were visiting, I settled to climb with one of them on Wed. We wanted to to Conquest on Graue Wand, but as always with this set of people plans need to change at least dozen of times we eventually settled on doing something interesting […]

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Excalibur on Masha’s b-day

12 July marked b-day of Masha. We agreed to go climbing. It took some time to decide on the goal, but we went for the option of relatively easy day to be able to have cake and drinks in the evening with bunch of Masha’s friends… kinda… as things did not go as planned :D. […]

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Mom visit ! :D

Finally my Mommy got convinced to visit me in Zurich. Made me really happy. First day we went to Lucerne, followed with a hike to Burgenstock – a really nice walk with a view towards the lake, the path goes on a pretty impressive cliff, at some point you can shorten your way to the […]

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750m weekend :-)

First we went with Masha to Dammazwillinge. I wanted to go for the whole weekend in that region, but you get what you can. Together with Iwona and Piotrek we left Ruschlikowice on Friday afternoon and drove to Tatsch. It took me ages to pack, but we used another 1h of daylight to get to […]

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