Almost the Diamond

Almost. We carried the idea from previous weekend to go and climb the Diamond. A face of the highest peak in Colorado – Longs Peak (4.5k). I flew back from SFO around midnight, the flight was obviously late, but the forecast for Saturday was great, for Sunday not so much, hence we decided to give it a shoot.

The working week in MTV wracked me completely, maybe not physically, but mentally for sure, I would have preferred to attempt high alpine climbing after a bit of break, but well Saturday was all we’ve got.

We drove close to the trailhead, allowed ourselves for an hour of sleep, ate a short breakfast and started heading up. I didn’t take long before I recalled that I have not been at altitude this year at all, moreover here the trail started at 9000feet…

The approach was horrible, though we were able to keep a decent pace ~500vm/h, at least to some point ;-). Near the Chasm Lake, I was sure I won’t make it to the climb we wanted to do on the main wall. We decided to do “Red Wall” on the side. A 6 pitches long climb – 5.10b. It was a great choice. The rock quality was really good and climbing was great. I felt terrible the entire time and lead only the easy pitches, but Jan did a good job leading the rest. Somewhere along the long way down Jan said “It’s the first day of our three-day outing and I’m already wrecked”, I felt the same :-). Beer tasted awesome after the long way down and grabbing some food.

I will be back !

Strava (truncated) from the approach. Photos.

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