Wildhaus weekend. Zuestoll and Schaffberg.

It looked like a good Saturday and not bad Sunday. It took us forever to decide on a plan, weather for Alpsteinmarathon was not certain, so we decided to go with Zuestoll. The “Alte Sud” route is quite spectacular, as well as all Churfirsten are.

We left Zurich shy of 6am, just to hit… cows being walked to the fields on our last 10km of drive. Well… life. Started approach ~30min later then planned. Approach took ~30min longer then planned… well… life. One gets to the col between Zuestoll and Brisi, and then traverses under Zuestoll to the beginning of the route. The approach is quite exposed, and obviously I didn’t manage to go the right way on the first try (Przemek ? happy ? :D). The wall looks pretty scary when looked from the bottom, it is really impressive that the route was climbed in 1948, it finds perfect weaknesses of the wall.

Climbing itself is not great, it’s good but if not the views and history I would not recommend it, but if you realize history and appreciate views and exposure it’s definitelly worth repeating.

Strava approach (not the greatest). Strava descent (correct), and photos.


We slept in the area under chairlift roof and on Sunday we went climbing to Wildhauser Schalfberg, this time “Sandi in the moon” 6b – good climbing, slab similar to other routes on this wall, a bit harder though. 




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