Mittagfluh with Tali and Bob

I wanted to take Tali and Bob for nice, not too long, easy multi pitch. Initially I wanted to go to Kandersteg and climb Diagonale (6a, 350m), but eventually I also recalled that there was a few recommended routes in the Dreams of Switzerland guidebook on Mittagfluh – a rock in Grimsel valley a few kilometers before Handegg. We went there, with rather late start (as for some reason I thought that there is around 200m climbing) approach to the wall, needed to cross a few patches of snow but not too many. Started climbing at around 11.30. Only then I realized that it’s in fact 400m of climbing, followed with rappels. I lead first 6 pitches, then Tali finished with last 4.

We climbed “Kante”, easy (really, I climbed the whole thing in my approach shoes) but really enjoyable route, we got to the top at around 16.30, rappels (with rope stuck twice) took us about 3h.

Pretty good day out.


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