Crocus under Hintisberg with view on Eiger

A week after I got hit by a rock, my hands were getting back to shape, definitelly not in shape for any hard climbing but I wanted to do some climbing and explore more areas.

Szymon responded to my inquiry for partners and together with Iwona and Piotrek we we tried again to get to Hintisberg. This time the road was free of snow, we paid 10CHF fee to use private road and got to the base of the approach. To be fair we could have probably drive higher on gravel road and shorten approach by another 15-20min. At the same time, we do have legs so we walked :-).

Approach took us about an hour, even though guidebook says 45min or so. I wanted to climb Tintangel (6b+, ~200m) and then do another easier route. Instead after we approached, we started on a different route (Przemek will be proud again ;-P), cause it was marked TNT, sounds like abbreviation right ? Well… maybe it does, but apparently in Extrem OST there is a route called TNT, it was just not in my guidebook. Hence after half a pitch, when we realized that (with help of other people), we found our proper route.

Climbing in Hintisberg is quite similar to what you can find in Chesefluh. Steep limestone, bolted routes (although I’d claim that Chesefulh has more bolts per meter of climbing). Tintagel first pitch is a bit scary 6a pitch, followed by a well bolted, very varied 6b+ stamina pitch, not easy 5c+ and a really good 6a+, but again with bolts spaced out.

Not too many photos and Strava from approach.


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