First time climbing in Red Rocks

Definitelly not the last one.

Iza is traveling with family around US, since I was going to Seattle anyway, we settled on a few days of climbing in Red Rocks. Having a few recommendations I really wanted to climb Epinephrine, though after the HD epic I was not sure I wanna suffer again. We agreed we’re going to spend two days in Black Velvet Canyon, climb something on day one, and based on that decide whether or not to climb Epinephrine on the second day.

Since Iza had a RV rented, getting to the parking lot close to the canyon was not possible, as it needs preferably an SUV. We packed ton of water for 2.5 days (7L per person) all climbing gear and small bivy gear and went to there on foot.

We’ve climbed Frogland, a very nice, varied, pretty 5.8 on the first day, and decided to try Epinephrine. I didn’t double check sunrise time, so we woke up too late to be a first party on the climb, fortunately, people in front of us were actually a bit faster then we were :D.

Epinephrine is famous from it’s stunning chimney pitches, they are indeed stunning… and horrible, properly horrible :D, I had to exercise (and to be fair – grow) my chimneying technique by far. Though it was worth it. All of the climbing above the chimneys is stunning, by grade it’s the same as chimneys (5.9) but it’s by far easier (at least for European climber :)).

We topped out in not that bad time ~10h (Alex made it free solo under 50min :-P), so we still had time to get down during daylight – which was quite nice. We spent a night in our bivy spot under a large boulder, and get back to the parking lot in the morning.

After a day of rest, on Monday we climbed Crimson Cristals – another classic in the area. 5.8, really crowded, which takes a lot of fun away of the route. The route itself is pretty neat, but quite easy I have to say.

BTW, Iza’s mother-in-law that travels with them must by now think I’m a total freak. First night after we got back from the Black Velvet Canyon, I spent sleeping outside of RV without a tent on a camping spot – alright – kinda understandable, but second night, in Las Vegas, as inside of the RV was really hot, I followed Tomek (Iza’s husband) joke to sleep on the RV’s roof :-).

I think 2 weeks vacation in that region is definitelly worth a flight. Basically a week in Red Rocks, and a week in Indian Creek (that I still have not been too 😦 ).

But now…  off I go… back to ZRH.


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