New chapter

The public post won’t have much details, but feel free to ping me via email or WhatsApp if you don’t know yet and want to know more. In short: I moved (but staying around Switzerland for now). The move was horrible, packing and going through all the crap acquired through out the years is such […]

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Val di Zocca

Val di Zocca was on my list since 2011 when Aska and Bartek were talking about Inshallach – a route there. It took years to get to that valley, though the route still needs to wait. Since we didn’t want to do the same walk with Iza again (towards Polimagio, close to Luna Nascente where […]

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Oceano Irrationale

Iza was to come for a week of climbing using a sweet deal cheap flights from Wrocław. We agreed we’re decide on the destination based on the weather, there were a few ideas but at the end we decided to go to Val di Mello, where I have been long time ago.  I had Oceano […]

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