Prague with Iwona

Cause why not :-). Iwona had been leaving in Prague a few years after she finished studies, actually then I helped her move, we drove with my Suzuki Ignis, Michal, Iwona and FULL TRANK. This time we met again in Prague, since November was supposed to be a break from climbing I am catching up […]

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Autumn climbing on Teufelstalwand

I have heard multiple times that Teufelstalwand is a really good destination. Approach is short, it dries early in the season and gets dry late. It’s relatively low so temperatures are OK late in the season as well. Weekend forecast was pretty horrible but Friday was still pretty good, I asked Helena whether she’s free. […]

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Klausen pass with Wydra

… cause one of my friends from Krakow can call it “lemme spend weekend climbing in Switzerland with Ilona”. Wydra is working in some arrangement with Star Alliance, hence she gets cheep last minute tickets. It’s pretty cool. Basically on Thuesday we decided weather forecast is good and we can go climbing, on Friday Aska […]

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I got for a few days to Krakow flew in on Tuesday morning, met close friends, obviously dentist and Krzysiek-magician, it was a really short visit. On Friday morning I was already on my way to the US. When Wojtek and Maciek told me they’re gonna be in the Valley for 5 weeks I figured […]

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The entire week went like … dunno… horrible… fighting with myself… fighting with anger on the world, helplessness, sadness, grief… I wanted to go to Bockmattli, just hike and possibly reverse the descent route from Grosse Turm. I knew that all the paperwork will take some time and that I most probably won’t be able […]

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