First covid shot

One thing maybe to mention here is that I was quite impressed with organisation of Swiss vaccination center in Horgen. Basically everywhere there were clear instructions on how to get where and what documents are needed, what’s happening next. No queues, everything exectuted smoothly. Very nice. I didn’t get really any bad reaction, a muscle […]

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Hike and… hike to Plan Praz

My first hike and fly of the season ended up with broken line. Period. Longer story is that I went up Plan Praz it’s about. 1k vertical ascent, with Epsilon and Easyness probably around 8kg total, the hike was nice, the lift was not running yet. I picked up a lunch spot and saw that […]

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Skiiing in May

Well, it was supposed to be a climbing weekend… First the idea was to climb some mixed climb from Plan des Aiguilles, we wanted to take the last cable car and sleep up to start approach and climb really early. Well, they closed the Midi cable car on Saturday afternoon due to too strong wind. […]

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Chamonix move

I’ve been complaining on how hard it’s to find a good apartment in and around of Zurich. Well, after failing quite a bit in spring and then having a plan of not being almost entire April in CH, I decided to pull the trigger and move for the season to CHX. After a bit of […]

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SIV in Monte Genaroso

Quite some time ago, I proposed to our paragliding friends that it would be cool to go for an SIV course all together. I’ve contacted Gabor in the fall and we penciled a date to go to Garda Lake. As somewhat predictable Covid restrictions in Itally didn’t allow us to run it there, instead we […]

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Pre SIV flying

Weekend wasn’t particularly fantastic weather wise but Monday and Tuesday were promising. We went flying with Evelina in Ticino on Monday. I needed to call to a few meetings. We eventually (after a small fuckup) ended up near Monte Tamaro. Following Evelina in the air was great. On Monday evening we joined Oleg and Ed […]

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Solar panel exchange

Remember the marvellous solar panel ? It stopped working, the guys from the shop said to bring it and they will exchange it, but that ultimately needed to pill off the panel from the roof. It was glued with silicon and strong double tape, so… well… I visited Bauhaus and picked a few toys that […]

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First Epsi flight and Hintisberg

While I was climbing in Paklenica my new wing got delivered to Zurich. After talking briefly with Evelina and Tobi we’ve decided to spend weekend in BEO, go flying on Saturday and climbing on Sunday. We parked in Interlaken took a bus to Beatenberg and flew from Hochwald. The air was supposedly bumpy, but I […]

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Paklenica with Terka

And Tereza’s Mom 🙂 — The Brambory team :-). Still when I was in Slovenia Tereza said she’s going with her Mom and a few other Czech friends to Paklenica and proposed that I join them. It takes about 4h to drive from Bled to Paklenica so the choice was not hard at all. Eventually […]

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Plitvicke Jezera

On the way from Slovenia to Paklenica I’ve visited Plitvicke Lakes. This place was on my list of places to visit for quite a while now. It was actually quite fortunate that I was there on a weekday during Corona times, as it was almost empty. It would have been probably even nicer on a […]

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