SIV in Monte Genaroso

Quite some time ago, I proposed to our paragliding friends that it would be cool to go for an SIV course all together. I’ve contacted Gabor in the fall and we penciled a date to go to Garda Lake. As somewhat predictable Covid restrictions in Itally didn’t allow us to run it there, instead we […]

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Pre SIV flying

Weekend wasn’t particularly fantastic weather wise but Monday and Tuesday were promising. We went flying with Evelina in Ticino on Monday. I needed to call to a few meetings. We eventually (after a small fuckup) ended up near Monte Tamaro. Following Evelina in the air was great. On Monday evening we joined Oleg and Ed […]

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First Epsi flight and Hintisberg

While I was climbing in Paklenica my new wing got delivered to Zurich. After talking briefly with Evelina and Tobi we’ve decided to spend weekend in BEO, go flying on Saturday and climbing on Sunday. We parked in Interlaken took a bus to Beatenberg and flew from Hochwald. The air was supposedly bumpy, but I […]

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Paklenica with Terka

And Tereza’s Mom 🙂 — The Brambory team :-). Still when I was in Slovenia Tereza said she’s going with her Mom and a few other Czech friends to Paklenica and proposed that I join them. It takes about 4h to drive from Bled to Paklenica so the choice was not hard at all. Eventually […]

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Plitvicke Jezera

On the way from Slovenia to Paklenica I’ve visited Plitvicke Lakes. This place was on my list of places to visit for quite a while now. It was actually quite fortunate that I was there on a weekday during Corona times, as it was almost empty. It would have been probably even nicer on a […]

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Course in Austria Part 2

After successful ice climbing and skiing course, the plan was to run Skitouring II course. The only problem was that all huts in Austria were close… going to Switzerland would be extremely expensive. Oh wait, there was one open hut in Austria… Heidelbergerhutte. Fantastic. Organizer decied to compromise and run in from that hut instead […]

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Lucendro with Anka and Kuba

I wanted to go to France to Anka and Kuba for two weeks before the following ski touring course in Austria… but Kuba got sick and they postponed the trip by a week, hence there was no point for me to drive that far. We wanted to go touring regardless, so they stopped on the […]

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Skiing, flying and climbing

All in one weekend. We went with Iwona on our annual skiing day :D. Since the guys were flying in Davos we joined them… I somewhat overestimated Iwona’s skiing abilities… but all in all everything ended up fine :-). Flying in the second part of the day on Jakobshorn was fantastic, even though really cold, […]

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