Skiing in Ecrins :D

Early winter Andreea asked whether Iā€™d like to go for a multi-day skittouring trip somewhere in the Alps. I was content with this idea as I did want to go out for some interesting skiing as well as I like Andreea a lot.  Day 1: We started from La Grave with with famous old cable […]

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Sechselauten weekend in Austria

There were a few different ideas on what to do over a Sechselauten weekend. Eventually we decided to drive to Austria. Andreea was a bit sick, and she stayed in Koala sleeping on Saturday while myself, Chicken and Tom went climbing in Burs. Wydra mentioned this area last year, recommending it, and I have to […]

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Hawaii ! :D

Second time this year in California, this time I came with the entire team, we have had a working session with the team in Sunnyvale (formerly Mountain View). Jet lag hit me hard this time. I was struggling a lot and the worst day was Wednesday, interestingly this was also the second day of a […]

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Meet Koala !

It finally happened – I bought a van, he’s called Koala. First weekend out we drove to Ticino with Kasia, but decided to go back home as the weather wasn’t cooperating. The second weekend was supposed to be a skiing weekend, but guess what ? Weather didn’t cooperate and that time, the avalanche danger was […]

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Kasia’s visit

We figured out that Kasia can visit me for a few days even without using that much of her vacation (basically just a day). The idea was that, as she is working from home most of the time anyways, she’d work from mine. It posed some challenges – e.g. I needed to borrow a monitor […]

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Indoor skydiving

My team had a bit of an offsite budget left in the end of 2018 so Szymon or Grzegorz proposed to book indoor skydiving. Sure – why not ? After busy time at work, and also after myself coming back from California we went to Windwerk and an interesting experience. It looks much easier when […]

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