Course in Austria Part 2

After successful ice climbing and skiing course, the plan was to run Skitouring II course. The only problem was that all huts in Austria were close… going to Switzerland would be extremely expensive. Oh wait, there was one open hut in Austria… Heidelbergerhutte. Fantastic. Organizer decied to compromise and run in from that hut instead […]

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Lucendro with Anka and Kuba

I wanted to go to France to Anka and Kuba for two weeks before the following ski touring course in Austria… but Kuba got sick and they postponed the trip by a week, hence there was no point for me to drive that far. We wanted to go touring regardless, so they stopped on the […]

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Skiing, flying and climbing

All in one weekend. We went with Iwona on our annual skiing day :D. Since the guys were flying in Davos we joined them… I somewhat overestimated Iwona’s skiing abilities… but all in all everything ended up fine :-). Flying in the second part of the day on Jakobshorn was fantastic, even though really cold, […]

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Winter flying in Laax

If someone told me 5 years ago that I would go to Laax not for skiing but for flying I would roll myself on the floor laughing :-). Yet, it was a fantastic Sunny day, Renato, Oleg and Wessel were going for some flying and I’ve joined them. Still have tons to learn but I […]

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Courses in Austria part 1

Last year with Covid starting our Skitouring II and Rock Climbing courses got postponed… by a year… . We managed to continue during summer but we didn’t get the Aspirant papers due to missing courses (and skills). Nevertheless we continued with a plan for this year. Cosmin and a crew did fantastic job in organising […]

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January week in Ticino

With Meret, I wanted to go for a month to Finale, Calanques or somewhere… well… with our indecisiveness and all the covid shitness we failed and eventually went for a bit more than a week to Ticino. It was fun regardless, managed to climb a bit, do a few walks and generally enjoy time. Photos.

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Hoch Ybrig freeride

After the large snowfall a choice for Saturday was obvious. Oleg took me for some freeriding to Hoch Ybrig, it was his first skiing after the accident and my first skiing this season, so we were very happy :-). Snow was fantastic, generally all good.

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Snowy Adliswill

I stayed at Wessel for a few weeks in January. Winter season was funny and a bit surprising, there was such a snow dump that for an hour break during meetings we went touring towards Buchenegg. Skiing was shite, but the entire experience of skiing down to the door was awesome 😀 Photos.

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